Surplus Paint Repurposing Service

If you have surplus paint, CCORRN can provide you with an award winning environmental solution.

CCORRN’s chargeable paint reuse scheme, offers your organisation a socially and environmentally sustainable solution for your surplus or unused paint at a fraction of typical commercial waste treatment costs.

Our mission is to ensure that reusable paint is kept out of landfill so that it can be accessed at minimal cost by individuals and community groups.

Every tin of paint is individually checked for quality and suitability for reuse.

Paint that is not suitable for reuse is sent for further treatment and the waste chain is traceable all the way through to final disposal for your peace of mind and in accordance with legal requirements.

CCORRN is registered with the Environment Agency and will provide you with Waste Transfer Notes in accordance Environmental Protection Act 1990; section 34 “Duty of Care” guidance.

 Service Options:

  • Added Value Certificate of social responsibility can be issued for each transaction.
  • Choose a "Discreet service" or opt for publicity generation through press releases, trade journal articles etc.
  • Collection or scheduled deliveries can be arranged.
  • Staff away days either at our premises or painting community facilities.

Waste Paint Processing Price guide for containers up to 10 litres:

Water based: £1.60

We can accept larger containers, price dependent on size and paint type.

It is usually more cost effective for you to deliver your paint to us however we are able to provide a collection service based on 50p per mile each way from our location PE15 8QP.


If you are a Cambridgeshire resident with your own householder paint to donate then click here for donation locations: householder surplus

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.